Today we went over info regarding our science projects.  All students will have to upload some information to Focus on Nov. 17th.  See my blog post for more info.

Students took the Mass/Weight/Density quiz.  Afterwords they worked on a guided reading in the CPO Textbook for section 12.1 about physical and chemical properties of matter.  They were able to take this home if they needed additional time.

Home Learning:

  • Complete guided reading/graphic organizer for 12.1.  Online textbook info
  • Science Projects!  Traditional projects DUE Nov 17th (ALL CLASSES)!
    • Upload to FOCUS by 4 PM.
    • Non-traditional projects will upload a word doc explaining progress so far.
  • PENDA completed by Sunday.

About Mr. Geary

8th grade science teacher at Julia Landon College Prep. and Leadership Academy.

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