The following assignments have been graded and added to Focus: 

  • Bad Breath Article
  • Zombie Tutorial
  • SSA Review Packet #1 (50 points – may be completed and submitted NEXT CLASS for partial credit) 
    • Notestudents who have completed this review packet (and received credit) do NOT need to complete the benchmark reviews in OneNote for classification, conservation of mass/energy, waves through media, Atmospheric movement, and Earth’s Evolution.  

Today Comp. Sci. students (4A) had the entire class period to work on their individualized OneNote reviews.   I plan to do my first check/score update next class, so you should expect to see some improvement on grades.

Remember — OneNote activities can be accessed and completed outside of class.  See my blog post here and contact me if you’re still having trouble.

If Benchmark review scores are still zeros on Friday this means that students are NOT using their time in class to complete their individualized review activities and are in danger of failing the 4th quarter in science.

Home Learning: 

All OneNote SSA Reviews completed online by 4/29

About Mr. Geary

8th grade science teacher at Julia Landon College Prep. and Leadership Academy.

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