All OneNote reviews were due at 11:59 PM Sunday, 4/29.  I have done my final OneNote check and added these scores to FOCUS. I will NOT be accepting any OneNote activities late for any credit. Please remember that students have had these review assignments since Spring Break (approx. 4 weeks) and have had ample opportunity in class (and out of class) to work on them.

Today students received their 4th quarter progress reports.  The progress report grades may not reflect the student’s actual grade in class as I had to do my final OneNote check after progress report grades locked out. These grades are now updated!

Please check FOCUS to see your student’s current grade in science class!

Next steps

  • Phy Science Students – continue to review for Physical Science EOC Exam (March 16/17th in class)
  • Comp. Sci Students – Bridge to High School Biology


About Mr. Geary

8th grade science teacher at Julia Landon College Prep. and Leadership Academy.

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