We are getting towards the end of the first 9 weeks! I wanted to make a quick post with a few updates for class:

  • Grades – Grades are up to date for most assignments.  Students are receiving grade printouts/scholarship warnings this week. Graded activities are being passed back to students to be put into their Interactive Science Notebooks. If I made an error in Focus, be sure to show me the graded activity so I can change it. 

    We still have a couple more physical properties investigations which will go into Focus for the first 9 weeks.  We will complete these in class this week.

    • Density Quiz If you did not take the density quiz you will take it during the work period on Thursday or Friday this week.  If you did not get a passing score on the density quiz, we will do a small-group review and you will get a retest opportunity on FRIDAY in class.
  • Science Projects– I will get proposal paperwork passed back to you this week.  If I gave you approval or discussed specific changes that should be made to your project, you are able to proceed with your investigation.

    The tentative due date is after Thanksgiving break.  I need to discuss with the rest of the science dept. before I can give a specific date.

  • Bonus- Don’t forget the bonus opportunities I have available for the first quarter.  The due date is right around the corner.  Please see my post here for more info. 

About Mr. Geary

8th grade science teacher at Julia Landon College Prep. and Leadership Academy.

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