Today in class students received their data from the Mock SSA test. See information below for a quick refresher on setting up your OneNote review notebook. A copy of this Quick Reference guide can also be found in OneNote.


  • Make sure you have color coded your data based on your most recent assessment score (MOCK SSA).
  • Identify the lessons that you need to remediate (red or yellow) and mark your data chart accordingly.
  • For each standard you are not proficient in (color coded RED OR YELLOW) you need to pull ALL lessons from that standard in the content library and move the lessons to the appropriate folder in YOUR One Note Notebook.
  • Complete ALL PARTS of EACH lesson.
  • As you complete each lesson ask yourself if you understand the material, if not ask the teacher for help
  • Once you complete a lesson, go to your tracking page and type in the date you completed the lesson
  • You will have regular quizzes on these benchmarks whether you are already proficient or not, so even if you do not need to remediate it may be a good idea to review the lessons as you have time.

Home Learning

  • All students must complete the four SC.8.N.1.1 Scientific Methods Lessons in OneNote (Due Friday)
  • Penda Due Sunday

About Mr. Geary

8th grade science teacher at Julia Landon College Prep. and Leadership Academy.

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