A note about Science Project Proposals: students will receive their proposal documents back on Monday. Projects that were NOT approved received a 50%. These projects can be revised and resubmitted by Friday 9/20 and the grade will be changed (upon approval).


The following assignments graded and updated in Focus:

  • Macromolecule Lab
  • Macro Foldable
  • Identifying Nutrients Gizmo
  • Macromolecule Quiz
  • Science project proposal

Comp Sci 3:

The following assignments are graded and updated in Focus as of now. Science project proposals will be updated before Monday.

  • Density Practice (Homelearning)
  • “Kings Crown” Density Lab
  • Density Practice Problems (Classwork)
  • Density: Slice-N-Dice Gizmo (Classwork)
  • Density Quiz
  • Science Project Proposal

Quiz grades have been updated for the Comp Sci Students who completed the SRE Test corrections.

About Mr. Geary

8th grade science teacher at Julia E. Landon College Prep. and Leadership Development School.

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