Here are some of the important websites you’ll need to use:

Comp Sci 3 Online Textbook

Northeast Florida Regional Science and Engineering Fair (NEFRSEF)

JLCP Homepage

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  1. salma says:

    Cool, Mr. Geary!

  2. Sarah E. says:

    Mr.Geary for our vocabulary cards would we really have to write an example on the back for independant and dependent variable even though we already gave one on the front?

  3. Sarah Eva says:

    Mr.Geary I was looking for how to set up my bibliography cards and couldn’t find it on NEFRSEF please resond need help!

  4. Isabela says:

    I like your website Mr.Geary!!!!! My mom and I tried emailing last week but you haven’t emailed back. Why?

  5. Danielle Forbes says:

    hi Mr. Geary, your website is soooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Joey says:

    Can yo leave a link to grade portal plzzzzz

  7. EmilySwankyStiles says:

    HI MR GEARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i like your website

  8. sarah says:

    Mr.Geary i know that the science projects are due soon and my plants haven’t sprouted yet which was part of what i was measuring and i went to science buddies and found a new experiment that will take less than a day but i think someone else is doing it do you think i should still do it?

  9. sarah says:

    Mr.Geary you said you were going to give me some links for a better science experiment i want to start on it so i dont procrastinate my project

  10. Logan says:

    what website is the gizmos

  11. Logan says:

    ok thanks

  12. steven says:

    hey mr.Geary the gizmo link takes you to the think central not explore learning