Oct. 23 (Comp Sci) Mass vs. Weight

Students submitted their A3K Cold as Ice Analysis sheet.
In class we debriefed our Dominoes Wave investigation.  Additionally, students had an opportunity in class to complete test corrections on their Waves through Media assessment.

We started a Gizmo investigation on Mass & Weight.  Students can complete this investigation at home if they need additional time using the username/password: landonscience

Home Learning: 
Continue work on Science Projects

PENDA activities (complete by SUNDAY 10/29 in order to receive credit)  

Oct. 23/24 (PhySci) States of Matter

PhySci students worked on an investigation to explore how waves travel through different states of matter.  Students could complete the analysis questions at home if they needed additional time.

Students turned in their A3K Analysis for Cold as Ice.

Home Learning: 

Continue work on Science Projects

PENDA activities (complete by SUNDAY 10/29 in order to receive credit) 

Oct. 19/20 (All Classes) DCPS Assessment/Science Project Conferences

All classes are taking a district progress monitoring exam.  I will schedule makeups during class next week if you were out.  I am also holding science project conferences in class.

After the exam, students will complete an Achieve 3000 article.

Home Learning: 

Penda — remember that assignments should be completed by Sunday in order to receive credit.  

Science projects – begin experimentation if you been approved.  


10.17 (Comp Sci) Waves Through Media

Students completed guided notes on how states of matter affect wave speed. There was a short checkpoint that we took (grades updated in Focus). We started our Domino Lab Analysis questions which should be completed at home (if needed).

Science project proposals are due on Thursday.  PENDA is due Sunday Night.

Oct. 17/18 (PhySci) — Naming Compounds/PENDA Updates

PhySci classes wrapped up learning about naming compounds with a few different activities.

Penda should now be accessible for all students, so please do not forget to keep up on your lessons moving forward.  Make sure you complete your weekly assignments by Sunday night in order to get credit!

Home Learning: 

1. Science Project Proposals due Next Class

2. Penda 10.13 wk assignments due by SUNDAY 10/22 

(Comp Sci) FINAL qtr 1 Safety Nets

Final safety nets for science class — I have extended the deadline for these safety nets. Get me these assignments TUESDAY MORNING in order for them to get on the 1st quarter report card.  Please see previous post on this topic here

  1. TEST CORRECTIONS – Unit 1 Exam.  You may earn back 1/2 credit per question you recycle using the SRE format. (Assessment Grade)
  2. Achieve 3000 articles (Molecule Movie/Sugar Not So Sweet) — 25 points each (classwork grade)
  3. pH Analysis Gizmo – Submit for credit (20 point Classwork grade)
  4. Cooking with Chef Ragu – Extra credit (10 point extra credit Classwork grade)

Oct. 12/13 (All Classes) Science Project Next Steps

Students received the following documents in class detailing what needs to occur for their science project requirement.  Please note the dates on the timeline!

Science project proposals are due for ALL projects next week (Oct. 19/20th).  We went over what needed to be included in your proposals for each type of project:

  • Students completing a traditional science project must submit a research plan and complete Forms 1,1a,1b and 3.  See forms below.
  • Students completing exploravision or ecybermission need to summarize their project they wish to complete.

Science Project Documents:




Oct. 10 (Comp Sci.) Unit 1 Exam

Students completed their Unit 1 Exam in class and it was entered into Focus.  SRE Remediation needs to be turned in by THURSDAY for it to be entered in Focus.

I will also accept the following assignments for credit as a final safety net this quarter:

Oct. 9/10 (PhySci) Study Guide

PhySci students received a studyguide for our exam on Thurs/Fri this week.  This exam covers the Comp. Sci benchmarks we’ve reviewed so far:

  • Atoms/Periodic Table
  • Pure Substances & Mixtures
  • pH Scale
  • Scientific Investigations

The Fusion textbook might be useful in answering the questions.

(All Classes) Penda Score Reporting

Please report your scores for the Penda assignments using the links below: