(Phy Sci) Nov 13- Types of Chemical Reaction Notes

Types of Chemical Reactions

Types of Reaction Notes

chemical reactions

(Comp Sci 3) Nov. 13- Days, Years and Seasons Notes

days years seasons

(All Classes) Nov. 7- Wrapup + Test Corrections

Students received a study guide for Thursday’s assessment.  Study guide due at the beginning of class.  

I also worked with small groups of students on recycling some earlier assessments (Physical properties of matter/ Physical & Chemical Changes).  Students who successfully complete test corrections will receive a passing score for these assessments.

Copies of the assessments and the corrections sheet has been uploaded to One View (Under documents – at the bottom of the class page). Test corrections due by TUESDAY in order to receive make up credit. 

Carbon Cycle + Rock Cycle Notes

Carbon Cycle sniprock cycle snip

Penda Reminder

Note: If you are getting an error logging into Penda try a different web browser (internet explorer/Firefox etc)

Center ID: 32207jlcp

Username AND password is your s-number

You are only responsible for the activities with my name in all caps. Don’t forget to get them done by Sunday at 11:59pm to get credit.

(All Classes) Cellular Energy Notes

cell energy notes

(All Classes) Energy Transformation + Cell Organelle Notes

Energy Transformation ship

organelle snip

(All Classes) Physical + Chemical Changes, Intro to PENDA

Physical & Chemical Change Notes
Phy Chem changes

How to Access PENDA: 

Remember – your first assignment is to complete the three “GEARY- Nature of Science 1” activities.

  • Identifying Test Variables – with Notes Sheet due WEDNESDAY in class
  • Measuring & Recording Data – due Sunday
  • Gone Fishing – due Sunday


Penda Learning Access

Science Project Rubric/Timelines/Etc

Science Projects are due in class MONDAY 11/26!  (This is the Monday after Thanksgiving break)

See the files below for project handbooks, timelines & more.  Note: Students working on competition projects must meet with me for more information on the NEFRSEF process/rules/etc. 

(All Classes) Oct. 16- A3K + Quizizz review

Greetings!  I am out at a STEM training today.  Students have the following assignments:

  • A3K- Cold Cold Moon.  Read article and complete A3K analysis sheet following the same guidelines as your ELA class.
  • Quizizz Review – Physical Properties of Matter.  Game code 220484


  • Review for Physical Properties checkpoint on Wednesday.  

  • Continue work on Science Projects. I will discuss due dates in class on Wednesday.