(All Classes) 3rd Qtr Grades Finalized

Greetings students! Just a quick note to let everyone know that grades for the 3rd quarter are finalized. As always, take a look at Focus and let me know ASAP if you see any errors.

I know I still have a few students who still need to take a quiz/submit an assignment etc. As of now these grades have been entered as 0 in Focus — you need to get the assignments/take the quiz (etc) at the beginning of class Thursday in order to get these grades updated.

(Comp Sci) March 18- Heat Flow Tutorial

CPALMS Heat Flow Tutorial Link- Due Next Class

(All Classes) District assessment growth/mastery grades

As I mentioned in class, students will receive two separate assessment grades for the District MOCK SSA based upon the following criteria:

  • Growth – how many points have you gained from the baseline assessment?
  • Mastery – have you mastered the middle school science content?

See rubric below for details

50 points

40 points
35 points

30 points

Growth – show at least 30 points in growth. Growth – show 20-29 points in growth. Growth – show 10-19 points in growth. Growth – show 0-9 points in growth.
Mastery – score at least a 70%. Mastery – score a 60-69%. Mastery – score a 50-59%. Mastery – score a 0-49%.

(All Classes) 3rd Quarter Bonus Opportunity

Over spring break, students have the opportunity to score some bonus points by completing the SSA Review on http://join.quizizz.com. You can get the game code from the assignment on FOCUS.

  • You MUST create a quizizz account and log in using your REAL NAME
  • You can only attempt the review 5 times maximum.
  • You must score above a 75% to earn bonus points.

The Quizizz review ends on SUNDAY 3/17 at NOON!

(Phy. Sci) March 1-6 Speed/Acceleration practice + Acceleration Lab

Students in Phy Sci Honors have been working on the following assignments this week in class. Please check Focus for copies of the activities.

  • Velocity/Acceleration Practice Problems (25 point classwork grade)
  • 4B: Acceleration Lab (25 point classwork grade)

Don’t forget — we will have a checkpoint on Friday over Speed/Velocity & Acceleration!

(Comp Sci. 3) March 4-6 Conservation of Mass & Energy/ Carbon Cycle Review

Objective: Explain that living systems, including photosynthesis, cellular respiration & the carbon cycle, obey the laws of Conservation of Mass & Energy.

This week in class we are exploring how Matter and Energy flows through living systems — specifically in the carbon cycle.

Monday students completed one of the following assignments in OneNote (based on Mid Year Scrimmage Data)

  • 8.L.18.4 Conservation of Mass/Energy Guided Notes
  • CPALMS original tutorial – Conservation of Mass & Energy

Tuesday/Wednesday students worked on carbon cycle station labs. We will wrap these up first thing on Thursday.

Friday we will have a short quiz on these benchmarks. Students should make sure they review this material throughout the week.

(Comp Sci 3) Feb 27/28 – OneNote Forces Reviews

In class this week Comp Sci students were working on a variety of OneNote review activities on Forces. Remember: students can access OneNote through OneView (the same way we did it on Monday). Once the class notebook is open at home you will be able to work through your activities.

We will have a checkpoint in class on Friday on these benchmarks. I will also be grading the following assignments, so they should be completed.

  • P.13.1- Forces OneNote Review
  • P.13.3- Net Force/Distance & Time OneNote Review
  • Forces CPALMS Tutorial

Access OneNote on home computer
Review for Checkpoint on P.13.1/P.13.3

(Phy Sci) Feb 27/28- Speed, Velocity and Acceleration lab(s)

Wednesday and Thursday this week Physical Science students worked through two labs on Speed/Velocity and Acceleration. Students were instructed to gather their data in class and to complete the graphing & analysis questions at home.

I have uploaded a version of the lab sheet with data to Focus for students who were unable to gather the data in class.

Home Learning:
Complete the investigation graphing/analysis questions. Due Friday!

(Comp Sci) Feb 25/26- OneNote SSA Review

This week students in Comp. Sci 3 were introduced to a new tool we will be using in class. Over the next few weeks we will be using One Note to help review some content from 6 & 7th grade science.

This week we are focusing on two 6th grade benchmarks on Forces. On Friday we will have a checkpoint on these benchmarks, so students should make sure to complete all of their review activities!

Home Learning:
Access OneNote Science Notebook on your home device

(Phy Sci) Feb 25/26 : Position, Speed, Velocity and Acceleration Notes

Home Learning:

Speed Practice Problems – Due Wednesday