(All Classes) Online Carbon Cycle Games




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(Comp Sci) Dec. 14- Carbon Cycle

Today in class students had a quick checkpoint on the parts of a cell – scores are updated already in Focus.

We then did a quick lesson on Carbon Cycle and Law of Conservation of Matter/Energy . Students need to complete the “We Do” questions for Home Learning.

Home Learning: 

  • Complete “We Do” left side questions (Carbon Cycle) 

  • Review notes on Photosynthesis/Cell Respiration, Cell Organelles, and Carbon Cycle.  Quiz next week! 

  • PENDA due Sunday 

(Comp. Sci) Dec. 12- Cell Structure Throwback Lesson

WEDNESDAY Dec. 20th is the end of the 2nd 9 weeks.

Today students had a QUICK throwback lesson on the structure and function of the parts of a cell.  Due to the shortened class periods, students are to complete the left side “you do” questions for home learning.

I collected the following assignments today:

  • Mid Year Scrimmage Review
  • Properties of Matter Test corrections.

I also returned the “Modeling Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration” assignment for students to revise as an additional safety net before the end of the 9 weeks.  Revisions are due next class.


(All Classes) Mid Year Scrimmage Review

The Mid Year Scrimmage review assignment has been uploaded to FOCUS for all classes.  Please remember you should CUBE2 each question.

Due 12/11 (B Day) 12/12 (A Day)

(Comp. Sci) Dec. 4- Photosynthesis + Cellular Respiration (day 1)

Photosynthesis + Cellular Respiration Notes

Students took notes on Photosynthesis + Cellular respiration and started some questions on the topic.  We will continue next class.

(Phy. Sci) Dec. 2/4- Types of Chemical Reactions (day 1)

Types of Reaction Notes

Classifying Reactions Practice

ATTN: DCPS Science Fair Participants!

Please complete the following abstract form for your project and email it to me (gearyd@duvalschools.org) ASAP.  I need to forward them to the district on Monday 12/4.
You will also need to print and attach a copy on the back right side of the display board – they should be visible when the board is closed.

Fill-In Abstract Form 2017-2018

Info on Display Boards from NEFRSEF

Please remember to have your finished display boards to the school by Friday 12/8.  Ms. Coombs is going to drop them off 🙂


Nov. 29/30 (All Classes) Matter Exam

All students took their Matter Unit exam.  Grades will be updated in Focus this weekend.


Nov. 27/28 (All Classes) – Study guides

Study guides are due the day of your exam-  Wed. 11/29 (B) and Thurs. 11/30 (A).

If you need another copy, see my blog post here.

Nov. 20/21- Science Project Presentations + Study Guide

Due to issues with students logging into PENDA on Sunday, the deadline for the 11.20 activities has been extended to TUESDAY 11.21 at 11:59 PM. 

In class students presented their traditional projects in class to their peers.  Students will be informed soon if they are eligible to participate in the school science fair on Nov. 28th — make sure you check your school email over the break!

Students will have their exam on Wednesday 11/29(B) and Thursday 11/30 (A).  Study guides are due the day of the exam.

Physical Properties of Matter Book Study Guide

Physical Properties of Matter Wrapup Slides