(All Classes) Nov. 20- Updates/Thanksgiving Break info

General housekeeping before we leave for the long Thanksgiving break:

  • All students received a print out of their grades in class.  Students scoring less than a C received a scholarship warning.  Scholarship warnings must be signed and returned after break. 
  • Science Projects are due Monday 11/26 when you come back from Thanksgiving. Projects must be uploaded to Focus before class.  You must upload your project even if you are absent that day.
  • You DO NOT have Penda due Sun. 11/25. I have uploaded the next assignment (Earth, Sun, Moon) if you want to get ahead over break.  ESM Penda is due Sunday Dec. 2nd at Midnight. 
  • Comp Sci students who did not take part in the test correction carousel received instructions on completing a Life Science test recycle.  Due 11.27!   

(All Classes) Nov. 19/20th – Science Fair Documentary Screening

In class we had the opportunity to screen the new documentary Science Fair!  Science Fair is an inspiring look at some of the brightest young minds in STEM.

Students are to complete a reflection on the film for a quiz grade.

Documentary Reflection Form

4 X 6 Postcard.jpg

(Phy Sci) Classifying Reactions Practice Answer Key

classifying reactions practice

(All Classes) Nov 14- Atmospheric Movement Notes

atmospheric movement

(Phy Sci) Nov 13- Types of Chemical Reaction Notes

Types of Chemical Reactions

Types of Reaction Notes

chemical reactions

(Comp Sci 3) Nov. 13- Days, Years and Seasons Notes

days years seasons

(All Classes) Nov. 7- Wrapup + Test Corrections

Students received a study guide for Thursday’s assessment.  Study guide due at the beginning of class.  

I also worked with small groups of students on recycling some earlier assessments (Physical properties of matter/ Physical & Chemical Changes).  Students who successfully complete test corrections will receive a passing score for these assessments.

Copies of the assessments and the corrections sheet has been uploaded to One View (Under documents – at the bottom of the class page). Test corrections due by TUESDAY in order to receive make up credit. 

Carbon Cycle + Rock Cycle Notes

Carbon Cycle sniprock cycle snip

Penda Reminder

Note: If you are getting an error logging into Penda try a different web browser (internet explorer/Firefox etc)

Center ID: 32207jlcp

Username AND password is your s-number

You are only responsible for the activities with my name in all caps. Don’t forget to get them done by Sunday at 11:59pm to get credit.

(All Classes) Cellular Energy Notes

cell energy notes