4/17– FCAT, Grades, and other assorted stuff

Whew! Science FCAT has come and gone! I heard a lot of great reports from most of the homeroom teachers today —  I truly appreciate all of my students who took their time and did their best on the Science FCAT.  I know that once you get your results you will know that all of your hard work has paid off! 

A quick “housekeeping” update:

I finally have had a chance to update some more grades on the online gradebook for the Activity centers & quizzes we have been working on in class the past few weeks. I know that I still need to check some student’s ISNs but I will get that done next Monday or Tuesday. Please know that we will not have any more time in class to work on this review material, but you can still complete it to receive credit.

If you do not have a score for a review station assignment (or quiz) you must complete the assignment and submit it for grading by FRIDAY 4/25 or it will go into gradebook as a 0. Check your gaggle portal to see what assignments you don’t have scores for.  

All of the “activities” are on this blog and you can get the quizzes from me in class. These assignments are not able to be made up after 4/25. 

If you are still having trouble completing one of these assignments you can email me for guidance.  Additionally, I am available before or after school by appointment – please give me 24 hours notice to be sure that I am free.

On Monday we offically start our “Bridge to High School” unit!  

Science FCAT

Today is the Science FCAT!   Take your time and remember to read each question and answer carefully.  Remember that you can write on the test, so use CUBEs or other strategies to eliminate wrong answers.

You are ready for this!

Review Station Material Mega-post

I know that some students missed a day or have lost a handout, so I wanted to make a post about our FCAT Review stations – Click on the links below to download the material we covered in class for the last couple of weeks.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Note: I am not uploading the quizzes, but you can take them in class when you show me your completed activity.



Saturday School Awesomeness

We’re having tons of fun in our Science Saturday School Session (alliteration much?)

Check out the Electromagnetic Spectrum that students made with Ms. Williams-


April 10/11- FCAT Review Centers (day 4)

Today we are only working on two new activity centers, but students had the opportunity to get handouts that they were missing.  Over the weekend I plan on posting the materials online so you can access them at home. 

  • Repetition/Replication – ISN Right Side – guided notes, Left Side- Quiz
  • Photosynthesis/Cellular Respiration – ISN Right Side- “Plants and Snails Gizmo SEG” Left Side- Qui
  • FCAT Review Packets Bucket – Take a review packet based on your CGA Data. 

Home Learning: 

  • Complete FCAT Review Centers
  • FCAT Review Bucket Packet

Mon/Tues. April 7/8 — FCAT Review Stations (Day 3)

Today we worked on our third day of FCAT Review stations.  Over the next few days I will be updating the gradebook with your scores on the review stations and the assessments — If you get a low grade on a quiz you may recycle it for partial credit. 

Review Stations (day 3): 

  • Atoms/Periodic Table 
  • Classification 
  • Density Practice

Home Learning: 

  • Complete Density activity if you did not complete it in class. 
  • FCAT independent practice packet
  • Don’t forget you have the online textbooks to help you review

Weather Station Materials

Some students asked for access to the weather station material.  Below you can find the powerpoint slides and the guided notes handout.

Click the image below for the PPT.



Click here to download the Atmosphere Guided Notes


Atoms and the Periodic Table PPT

FCAT Review Center (Day 3)

Click the image below for the Atoms/Periodic Table powerpoint presentation





April 2/3 – FCAT Review Centers (Day 2)

Today we started on our second day of FCAT Review Centers. Each station includes independent practice and a quiz.

  • Human Body Systems – Students created “facebook pages” for each body system.  This station took a while, so some students may have to complete it for Home Learning.

Click here for the Human Body Systems Articles

  • Contact/Non-contact forces
  • Weather/Atmospheric Movement

Home Learning: 

  • Complete the Human Body System facebook profile activity and quiz. 

  • Study material for FCAT.  Remember to use the online textbooks at thinkcentral.com

  • FCAT practice “bucket” 

March 31/ April 1 FCAT Review Centers (Day 1)

Objective: Review for FCAT 

Essential Question: What questions do you still have?” 

Daily Agenda: 

Today we started on a series of Review center rotations.  Students worked in small groups on a variety of activities tied to the benchmarks on the Science FCAT. Each station has a quiz that goes with it.  

  • Punnett Squares/Pedigree Charts 
  • Distance/Time Graphs
  • Rock Cycle
  • “Independent Practice Bucket” – Students picked a packet on the standard that they were lowest on.  This is to be completed for Home Learning. 

Please remember that these review stations are meant to be a review of benchmarks that have already been taught.  


Home Learning: 

Review Material for FCAT — Remember that the 6th, 7th and 8th grade textbooks are available for you on thinkcentral.com

Independent Practice Bucket packet.  Complete and be ready to take a quiz on the material.