(8th Grade) CGA Monday/Tuesday, New Unit: Sun-Earth-Moon system

Attention 8th Grade students: The CGA will be  Monday (A) and Tuesday (B). Continue to review your notes, gizmos, activities, and the book over everything from the first 9 weeks.  

Speaking of Review:

Check out this super-cool interactive Periodic Table of the Elements put together by Ted-Ed. There’s a video for every single element!

periodic table videos


Check out this video for a preview of our next unit:

If the Sun were the Size of a Basketball

There’s a partial Solar Eclipse right now!!!

Update: That was cool —  Let me know if you watched it at all! Even though the eclipse is over that link will still open NASA TV.

“Check out this cool live stream from NASA —  It should be going on until 7:45 tonight.”



Just in time for our 8th Grade Space unit!

Science Project Proposals – a final push


I am reviewing projects that I received this week. I have been able to approve some :)  but others are not complete enough to approve. I will return them to you in class ASAP.


Science project proposals are part of the first 9 weeks report card grades!!!

If you have not completed your proposal (and want to avoid a 0 for the first 9 weeks) we can have a one-on-one, verbal proposal conference where you can discuss your project idea.  (Verbal proposal conferences will only receive half credit)

If you really are at a loss about what to do for your project then have you considered a GIZMO? You can use a simulation to test a hypothesis (scientists do it in real life). You still have to fill out the forms and write a proposal, but it might make it easier for you. Think about it!

OCt. 20/21- (7th Grade) Intro to Genetics

7th Grade students have begun our lessons and discussions on heredity and how traits are passed down from parent to offspring. Please know that this unit has an INCREDIBLE amount of specific vocabulary. You have to become familiar with the heavy vocabulary of this lesson in order to be successful!!! 

In class we read the story of “Gregor Mendel: The Friar who Grew Peas” and did a modeling activity where we replicated Mendel’s first and second experiments.

Students also had time in class to begin a vocabulary activity.  Make sure you complete this at home before next class.

Term Textbook Definition Own Definition Visualization

Home Learning: 

Complete Vocabulary Chart in ISN

P.S- Here’s a little preview of what’s coming next class:


(8th Grade) Physical/Chemical Changes Foldnotes

I will be checking the Physical/Chemical change fold notes in your ISN this week in class, so make sure that you have it completed!

If you need a refresher on the instructions, click below:

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 7.01.19 PM











physical chemical foldnotes

Oct. 15-19th (8th Grade) Physical vs. Chemical Changes

There were a lot of activities in 8th grade science this week:

  • Phases of Water gizmo SEG + AQ – should have been completed in class and turned in.
  • Fusion “Physical & Chemical Changes” – read/answer questions. Turn in Lesson Review.
  • Physical & Chemical Change Foldnotes (please glue in your ISN – we will check this next week in class)

Additionally we assessed our “Physical Properties of Matter’ investigation stations.

Science project proposals and “second look” assignments will be reviewed and the grade book will be updated over the weekend.

On Friday and Monday we will be working on some investigations related to physical and chemical changes in matter. Please make sure you come prepared with “LAB SHOES.”


Home Learning (8th Grade


  • Complete the Benchmark Review for Unit 1 (pp 65-68) and the Benchmark Review for Unit 6 (pp. 391-396) as a take home test to review for the upcoming CGA.
  • Students are to use their resources wisely to complete the reviews.
  • Each answer must be CUBEd.


  • C circle the words you don’t know
  • U underline the question being asked
  • B box the important information
  • E explain why you chose the answer you did. Since this is a take home test you must include supporting details about why you chose the answer you chose (relate it to Gizmos, put in page #s, other support as appropriate).

Due Tuesday 10/21 (B Day) / Wednesday 10/22 (A Day)

Oct. 16-17 (7th Grade) Black-Footed Ferrets & Mitosis/Meiosis checkpoint

7th Grade:

This class we finished up our lesson on Mitosis/Meiosis and learned a little bit about “genetic bottlenecks” by simulating a population of black-footed ferrets

Isn't he cute!

How cute is this little guy?! 

Checkpoint quizzes will be graded and the grade portal will be updated over the weekend.
Science Project Proposals that have been submitted will also be returned ASAP.

7th grade: No Homelearning

Physical & Chemical Properties/ Sexual & Asexual reproduction

Science Project proposals are being reviewed and will be given back to students ASAP.  If you haven’t turned in your proposal, please get it to me ASAP.

8th Grade-

Over the last several class periods we worked on a few different assignments related to the Physical and Chemical properties of matter.  Some of these assignments were given with our substitute last Friday.  You can plan on seeing these assignments show up in the gradebook this week.

  • Heating Curve of Water graph – In class we reviewed our data for our heating curve of water investigation.  Students identified the melting/boiling points on our graph as well as where phase changes occurred.
  • Heating Curve Analysis questions Exit Ticket – Students answered some analysis questions about phase change diagrams.
  • Phases of Water Gizmo SEG + AQ.  We were given time in class to complete this gizmo
  • Fusion pg. 329-339  Read and answer questions.

The Gizmo and Fusion pages will be graded in class this week.  Additionally, make sure you turn in your Slice & Dice gizmo if you haven’t already submitted it.

7th Grade- 

PERIOD 1A ONLY - Cell Division gizmo SEG + AQ.  Turn in next class if you did not complete this with the substitute.

This week we are finishing up our lessons on Asexual/Sexual reproduction.  Make sure you review your notes/activities for our checkpoint quiz coming later in the week.

  • “Red Queen Hypothesis” Article – students worked with their table groups to analyze an article about how parasites affect the reproduction habits of snails.
  • Fusion pg. 411-419 – Read and answer the questions in text.  Due next class.


8th Grade-

  • Phases of Water Gizmo SEG+AQ (if not completed in class)
  • Fusion pg. 329-339 (if not completed in class)

7th Grade-

  • Fusion Pg. 411-419 Read and Answer questions.
  • PERIOD 1A ONLY – Cell Division Gizmo SEG+ AQ (if not completed in class)


“How can I bring up my grade?” and other questions -

I’ve gone through and updated grades for the assignments submitted in the last week.  Let me know if you see any discrepancies or have any other questions about your grade.

The end of the 9 weeks is almost here!  Some students are asking for ways to improve their grades:

8th Grade: 

  • Submit your proposal or proposal revisions ASAP, (0’s for proposals will be added this week)
  • Recycle the Checkpoint for Pure substances, solutions, and mixtures.
  • Recycle the quiz for Atoms and the Periodic Table,
  • Submit (or resubmit) the SEG for Solubility and Temperature if you received a low grade,
  • Submit (or resubmit) the Density Gizmo SEG if you did not do well or didn’t submit it,
  • Print out the Assessment questions and the grade for Density if you didn’t do them when they were due,
  • Be sure that the Slice and Dice Gizmo and Assessment Questions are finished and turned in next class.
  • turn in ANY of these assignments if you have been absent.

7th Grade: 

  • Submit your proposal or proposal revisions ASAP. (0’s for proposals will be added this week)
  • Recycle the 17.1, 17.2, or 17.3 checkpoint quizzes.
  • Submit (or resubmit) the Food Chain Gizmo SEG
  • Submit (or resubmit) the Prairie Ecosystem Gizmo SEG
  • Submit Fusion pg. 531

The due date for all of the recovery and resubmitting of  assignments is October 17. Recovered assignments will be graded after all the proposals.

Please understand that there will still be assignments until the grading period ends. You should come prepared daily with your ISN, textbook and other materials needed for class.

Science Project Update(All Classes) 

I have taken home and checked the Science Project Proposals that were turned in to me last week.  Please look at my feedback to make any necessary revisions to your project.  Again, please let me know if you are confused about anything related to your project.

If you have NOT submitted your proposal for teacher review, I need it ASAP so you can begin experimentation.  Please make sure you’ve looked over the science project rules while designing your experiment.  I will let students know if their project needs IRB or SRC approval before they can begin experimentation.

Oct. 6th/7th- (7th Grade) Mitosis/Meiosis Day 1

Today we started our next lesson on Mitosis/Meiosis (Asexual & Sexual reproduction) and got to see an old friend again!

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 4.17.55 PM

Click here to download the notes on mitosis/meiosis/asexual/sexual reproduction

We also got started on Fusion pg. 400-409.  Read the text and answer the questions (skip “think outside the book”) for home learning.


Fusion pg. 400-409- read and answer questions.