(7th Grade) Nov. 24: Genetics Wrapup/Into to Evolution

This week wraps up our discussion on punnett squares.    Students will be took a checkpoint (8 questions/24 points) on genetics and punnett squares.  Today we also began our lesson on natural selection and evolution… using fossils and other evidence to support findings!

Grades for Punnett Square practice 1 &2, Mouse Genetics Gizmo and 16.1/16.2 checkpoint has been updated.

Students who did not score well on the Genetics checkpoint have been given an additional practice on punnett squares.  They should also review their information on genetics/punnett squares for a RETEST after Thanksgiving break.


  • Achieve 3000 – “A Real Cold Fish” Complete Analysis sheet (Due Dec. 2).  If you need a copy of the analysis sheet it has been uploaded to FOCUS 

(8th Grade) Nov. 23/24 Structure of the Universe


scale of universeClick here to check out an interactive animation on the scale of the Universe!

Fusion Unit 2, Lesson 1
Read and complete ALL questions (skip #8 and #12 “Think outside the Book”)  Yes, you need to do the Visual Summary and Lesson Review.  


(8th Grade) 4A Grade Update

I just wanted to post a quick update that the Focus issue has been resolved and grades are now available for 4A.

(7th Grade) Genetics Day 3

Today students worked in pairs to build some dragons!  I’ll try to take some pictures to post up later :)

HomeLearning – 

Review your information on Heredity and Punnett Squares.  We will LIKELY have our checkpoint on 16.1/16.2 next class! 

(8th Grade) Quick Grade Update

I just added a couple of grades to FOCUS that I want to explain:

  • “Astronomical Bodies Test”-  This is the 15 question paper/pencil test that we completed with bubble sheets.  This is an ASSESSMENT (40% of your grade) and was out of 100 points total.

    You will have the opportunity to recycle up to a maximum of 70 if you follow all the recycle steps.

  • “DCPS 1st 9 weeks assessment”– This was the computer-based assessment we took in class.  This was a 10 point ACTIVITY (20% of your grade).

    Students who performed at a high-level were able to get bonus points on this assignment (up to 15 points total)

    • 69% and below – 10 Points
    • 70-79%- 12 Points
    • 80-89%- 13 Points
    • 90-99%- 14 Points
    • 100%- 15 Points

Note: My gradebook for my 4A class is still having issues.  I anticipate things being sorted out very soon.  Please contact me with any questions!



(8th Grade) Nov. 13/16 -The Sun

This class was all about the Sun.  Click the images below for the PPT and guided notes handout. 
Sun Notes

Sun Features Guided Notes

I have attached the Stormy Sunspot investigation as a file on FOCUS if you need another copy.

Stormy Sunspot Graphing investigation (Due Next Class)
Science Project

(7th Grade) Nov 12 Heredity Day 2: Punnett Squares

Today in class it was all about Punnett Squares — students used the whiteboards and their neighbor to practice crossing the genetic markers we identified earlier this week.

Here’s a refresher video on drawing Punnett Squares:

Home Learning: 
Complete Both Sides of the Punnett Squares Practice handout

Heredity Vocabulary: 

HETEROZYGOUS Organism has two different alleles for a trait. 2 different traits Pp or Tt
HOMOZYGOUS Organism with two recessive or two dominate alleles for a trait. 2 of the same traits TT or tt
GENE Instructions for an inherited trait Instructions for traits
ALLELE The two forms of the same gene for a characteristic – one from each parent Different forms of genes T from mom
t from dad
DOMINANCE Certain alleles mask or dominate other alleles Cover up Pp= purple flowers
RECESSIVE Trait that is only present when two recessive for the same characteristics Hides behind pp=white flowers
PUNNETT SQUARE Graphic used to predict all possible combinations off offspring Chart that shows possible genetic outcomes
T t
T Tt Tt
t Tt Tt
GENOTYPE Both inherited traits together Letter code for the traits PP, Pp or pp
PHENOTYPE Organisms appearance Physical traits Blue Eyes, Brown Hair, etc

(7th Grade) Nov. 9 Intro to Genetics

Today we began our discussion on genetics with a story about Gregor Mendel.  We simulated his first and second experiments using different colors of paper.

Gregor Mendel Notes


*Click on the text or the image to access the pdf. file version of the notes on Gregor Mendel.

We also went over our EXTENSIVE Genetics vocabulary.

Genetics Vocab


Complete Genetics Vocab Chart (Due Next Class)

(8th Grade) Nov 4/5 Small Bodies in the Solar System

Essential Question: Why was Pluto reclassified as a Dwarf Planet?

Small Bodies in SS PPT Notes

2015 Astro Bodies Study Guide


Study for Unit 2 test NEXT CLASS (Gravity, Historic Models of Solar System, Terrestrial/Gas Giants) 

(7th Grade) Nov. 5 – 16.3 Sexual/Asexual Reproduction Checkpoint, Infant Possibilities Article

Today students took the first checkpoint of the 2nd 9 weeks on the benefits/limitations of sexual/asexual reproduction.



Home Learning:
Fusion “Heredity” Lesson Review – Due next class