(All Classes) Wrapping up Grades

I am in the process of finalizing grades for the year. I want to let you know that students in ALL classes (7th and 8th grade) have been given final opportunities to recycle/recover ANY assignment from the 4th 9 weeks.

8th grade students have had 2 full classes (as well as time at home) to recycle/recover their Balancing Equations assessment.  Students who have not completed this final intervention will not have another opportunity to recover their 4th 9 weeks grade.

(8th Grade) Bonus Deadline Changed

The deadline for the bonus is CHANGED.

Remember to upload a word document to focus with all the required information. 

The new deadline is SATURDAY, June 4 @ 3pm. 

8th Grade — Balancing Equations Recovery

Students received their balancing equations assessments and have the opportunity to recycle it for partial credit.

On a separate piece of paper (for each question you  wrong):

  1. Write out the UNBALANCED Equation
  2. Show your work (running atom count)
  3. BOX the final balanced equation.

You must show your work for each question in order to get credit for the recycle.

Hint – use the “chemical reactions” gizmo to help you balance!


(8th Grade) Balancing Equations Practice and Assessment

The last several days in class have been devoted to working on balancing chemical equations.  Students had a total of 3 separate activities that they worked on to practice this skill — Balancing Practice 1, “Balancing Act,” and the Chemical Equations gizmo SEG + AQ.  Additionally, we had an in-class relay-race game where they worked in teams to balance individual equations.

On Wednesday/Thursday we are taking our Balancing Equations assessment — in order to receive full credit students have to show their work and write the final balanced equation correctly.

There will be additional practice assigned and a re-assessment for anyone who does not show mastery of this skill. However, please understand that there was ample opportunity in class for every student to be successful.

(7th Grade) EOC Results -Growth/Mastery grades

Today in class students learned their results on the 7th grade Science EOC.  There are two new grades in FOCUS that you should be aware of:

  • EOC Growth – based upon growth from the baseline score.
    • 25 points gained = 25 points
    • 20-24= 20 points
    • 15-19 = 18 points
    • Less than 14 points = 15
  • EOC Mastery – how well did you do on the EOC?
    • Greater than 70% = 25 points
    • 60%-69% = 20 points
    • 50%-59% = 18 points
    • Less than 49%= 15 points

Additionally, grades for the EM Spectrum Comic Strip and EOC Study guide have been updated.

(8th Grade) Balancing Test Next Week

The Balancing Chemical Equations Test is next week.

A day => Wednesday, May 25
B day => Thursday, May 26

We will continue working on practice activities throughout the week in preparation.

(8th Grade Only) Bonus Opportunity

Due Date:
6/1 A Day
6/2 B Day

Bonus Activity: VIDEO

Here is an opportunity for you to earn up to 6 BONUS points before the end of this nine week grading period.

You and up to two more students will develop a video that can be used by the science teachers for student instruction in the future. The content should be appropriate for posting on blogs or the school website. (No more than 3 working on this project)

Possible Topics that can be addressed include

  • Advice to future students about how to be successful in science or
  • FCAT review topics for grades 6 and 7. These can be found in your data analysis sheets that you used to prepare for FCAT.
  • Another topic that you get approved by the teacher – in advance.

Be creative

  • Make a music video and write new words to a song.
  • Make an instructional video that incorporates music and science content.
  • Make an informative yet fun video.

What if you need an “extra” for the video?

  • If you need a person or two for a walk on role or just for a few seconds of the video you may hire some extras. Their pay will be one bonus point.
  • If you are an extra on a different video and you submit a video then you also can earn an extra bonus point in addition to the points you earn on your video.

What is required from each member of the group?

  • Each working member of the group MUST submit a summary of what you did for the project. You can prepare a WORD Document and submit this through FOCUS.
  • Include the link in the document with your summary.
  • Be sure to use a header on the document that lists all members of the group.

How to submit

  • You may upload your video to a private YouTube channel and share the link.
  • You may upload your video to your public YouTube channel and share the link.
  • You can upload the video to another service and share the link.
  • You may submit a file on a clean, brand new flash drive; however, you will not get the flash drive back.

NO LATE SUBMISSIONS will be accepted for full credit. Penalties will apply for late submissions.

(8th grade) Balancing Chemical Equations Intro

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