(Comp Sci) Sept. 19/20- Prop. Of Matter Gizmos

Thursday and Friday students worked on two virtual labs on magnetism and temperature’s effect on solubility. If you did not turn these in today, they are due first thing on Monday.

Students also took a brief checkpoint on Properties of Matter.


(Bio) Sept. 20- Enzyme Lab Wrapup

Today we finalized our enzyme lab investigation. Students who did not finish their lab analysis questions may turn them in Monday.


(All Classes) Science Project Procedures

Science project procedures are to be uploaded to FOCUS on 9/27.

Sept 18- (All classes) Open House!

I wanted to say a quick “Thanks” to all the parents that made it out to open house tonight. Sorry for talking your ears off… hopefully I covered most of the important information!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

Parents/Guardians please click here to fill out the contact info survey if you haven’t already.

(All classes) Progress Report grades

Attention students and parents- please be aware that progress report grades only include assignments due before Wed. Sept 11th. All assignments since then are not part of the calculation.

This means that your student’s actual grade may have changed (in some cases significantly) since progress reports were generated.

As always, please check Focus for the most up-to-date grade information.

(All Classes) Sept. 13- Grade updates

A note about Science Project Proposals: students will receive their proposal documents back on Monday. Projects that were NOT approved received a 50%. These projects can be revised and resubmitted by Friday 9/20 and the grade will be changed (upon approval).


The following assignments graded and updated in Focus:

  • Macromolecule Lab
  • Macro Foldable
  • Identifying Nutrients Gizmo
  • Macromolecule Quiz
  • Science project proposal

Comp Sci 3:

The following assignments are graded and updated in Focus as of now. Science project proposals will be updated before Monday.

  • Density Practice (Homelearning)
  • “Kings Crown” Density Lab
  • Density Practice Problems (Classwork)
  • Density: Slice-N-Dice Gizmo (Classwork)
  • Density Quiz
  • Science Project Proposal

Quiz grades have been updated for the Comp Sci Students who completed the SRE Test corrections.

(All Classes) Sept. 12- Guest Teacher

Julia E. LandonThe E stands for you are Expected to be on your best behavior.

Today I am out at an all-day science meeting so you will have a guest teacher. Students in both Biology and Comp Sci 3 will do our first gizmo investigation. Students in Biology and Comp Sci 3 will have a quiz on Friday.

Complete the Identifying Nutrients gizmo (www.explorelearning.com) in class. You may share computers, but each student must complete their own exploration guide. Afterwards you may work on your Foldable/comic strip/poster.

Comp Sci. 3:

Complete the Density: Slice-N-Dice gizmo (www.explorelearning.com) in class. You may share computers, but each student must complete their own exploration guide. Afterwards you may work on your Density Practice Problems — don’t forget to show ALL your work and include the units.

(Comp Sci 3) Sept. 11- Density Practice

Students in class had time to finish up their density investigation analysis.

Density Practice Problems – (due FRIDAY) See FOCUS if you need another copy of these questions. Make sure you show ALL WORK and include units to receive full credit.

Test corrections I worked with small groups of students to review our Waves through Media checkpoint. Students received a copy of the SRE Test corrections steps. This need to be completed on a separate sheet of paper and turned in on FRIDAY to bring up quiz scores.

(Bio) Sept. 11- Macromolecule Wrapup

Benedict’s Solution Results

Bio students were given time in class to complete their lab analysis questions. See image above if you needed the results from Benedict’s solution.

Macromolecule Creative Project (Student Choice) Due FRIDAY

  • Foldable, Comic Strip or Mini-poster.
  • Include clear details about the structure/function of the macromolecule(s) chosen.
  • Foldable rubric/instructions are on FOCUS

(Comp Sci 3) Sept. 10- Density Lab day 2

Today students completed their hands-on density investigation in class. Students are to complete the calculations for density and the analysis questions at home. Yes, you need to do both sides of the lab activity.

If you were NOT able to gather all of your data in the two class periods we had for this lab, you may use the data in the table below. Note: You still need to calculate density for the regular and irregular objects.

Home Learning:

  • Finish Density Lab Analysis (due next class)
  • Science project proposal due Friday 9/13
  • Penda due Sunday 9/15 @11:59 PM