(All Classes) Student Grade Updates

Students have been working on their online review notebook (OneNote) since we returned from spring break. Students should be showing considerable progress at this point and while for some students grades may still be lower than what is typical, there should be very few zeroes for the assignments at this point. 

It is important to note that students have had significant class time to work on these assignments and have been given extra class time through their Leadership class over the last several weeks. The due date for all of these assignments to be completed is 11:59pm on April 29th.
So far I have updated grades once, but plan to check and update them a second time by the end of this week.  
Students are now beginning to have Progress Monitoring Assessments (PMAs) to assess how their review is going. The first of these assessments was given on Monday for B day students and yesterday for A day.  These grades have already been posted in Focus.  Students who did poorly on this first assessment should make it a point to come to tutoring for additional practice.   
If you have any questions about your learners progress, please feel free to contact me.

(All Classes) April 16/17 – Physical Science Benchmark Quiz

Today we took our Progress Monitoring Assessment on the Physical Science benchmarks.  They’ve already been uploaded to Focus.  Overall, the scores were very good!

If you are not happy with your score please see me in class to discuss next steps.

Everyone should be working on their OneNote reviews.  Remember, our next PMA quiz is on April 23/24th and covers the LIFE SCIENCE benchmarks.

Please take some time before then to review all of the L benchmarks — even if you’re in the green!

(All Classes) Tuesday Holding Area Assignment

Tuesday 4/17 we will have a modified testing schedule as 6th graders are taking their ELA FSA test.  ALL 8th graders will be in a holding during this time.

Students have been given a SSA Science Review assignment to do during holding — there should be ample time during the holding time for this activity to be completed.  Students are to CUBE2 and answer each question to the best of their ability.

This is worth a classwork grade and is due the next time class meets.  

(Phy Sci) April 12/13- Gas Laws

Gas Laws Notes

Gas Laws Practice Problems —
Remember to identify variables, write formulas, and SHOW ALL WORK. 


  • Continue work on SSA Reviews on OneNote


(Comp Sci) April 9- OneNote SSA Reviews

The following assignments have been graded and added to Focus: 

  • Bad Breath Article
  • Zombie Tutorial
  • SSA Review Packet #1 (50 points – may be completed and submitted NEXT CLASS for partial credit) 
    • Notestudents who have completed this review packet (and received credit) do NOT need to complete the benchmark reviews in OneNote for classification, conservation of mass/energy, waves through media, Atmospheric movement, and Earth’s Evolution.  

Today Comp. Sci. students (4A) had the entire class period to work on their individualized OneNote reviews.   I plan to do my first check/score update next class, so you should expect to see some improvement on grades.

Remember — OneNote activities can be accessed and completed outside of class.  See my blog post here and contact me if you’re still having trouble.

If Benchmark review scores are still zeros on Friday this means that students are NOT using their time in class to complete their individualized review activities and are in danger of failing the 4th quarter in science.

Home Learning: 

All OneNote SSA Reviews completed online by 4/29

(Phy Sci) April 6/9 — Heating & Cooling Curves

Phase Change Graph



Continue to work on your SSA Review activities in OneNote

(Comp Sci) April 5 – Types of Forces Tutorial

Types of forces

(All Classes) Important 4th Quarter Dates


April 16/17 Quiz: Physical Science Benchmarks
April 23/24 Quiz: Life Science Benchmarks
April 26/27 Quiz: Earth/Space Science Benchmarks
April 29 ALL SSA Reviews completed in OneNote
May 1 Statewide Science Assessment!!!!
May 16/17 Phy Sci End of Course Exam


(All Classes) April 2/3- Mock SSA Data Analysis + OneNote Setup

All students took this class period to analyze their data from the Mock SSA test we took before spring break.  Students identified the specific benchmark activities that they need to complete on OneNote before the due date of April 29th.

Remember – you CAN access OneNote online from home!

  • Step 1: Go to OneView on the DCPS homepage — You will have to log in using your DCPS credentials 

oneview snip

  • Step 2: Click the “Waffle” in the top left corner to open your Office365 Apps
    waffle snip
  • Step 3: Choose “OneNote Online” to access your notebook  (Note – they will not always be in the same order each time!)

onenote snip

(Comp Sci) 3/29 – Guided Notes/Practice Questions

I hate to break it to you, but I am still at the state science fair! Comp Sci students have the following activity to complete in class today:

SSA Review lessons – use the provided ppt slides to fill out the guided notes/practice problems in the review packet.

Use your time wisely so you can turn it in by the end of class!