(All Classes) 1/17- A3K, Test Corrections & Comparing Terrestrial Planets

Today in class I worked with a small group of students on test corrections on last week’s Gravity/EM Spectrum checkpoint.

Students worked on the following activities:

  • A3K (Student choice of Article + Complete Analysis Sheet)
    • Meeting Mercury
    • Venus? Maybe Later
    • Greetings from Mars
  • Comparing/Contrasting Terrestrial Planets (Due Friday). Use your notes on this!
    • Handout uploaded to Focus

Home Learning

  1. Comparing/Contrasting Terrestrial Planets
  2. Penda Due Sunday @ Midnight
  3. Extra Credit Opportunity due Wed 1/23

(All Classes) Terrestrial Planet Notes

Terrestrial Planet Notes

(All Classes) Jan 8-11 Gravity + EM Spectrum

Welcome back students! This week we continued our lesson on Gravity and reviewed the EM Spectrum. Students completed a number of EMS station activities in class.

Home Learning:

My Solar System Gravity Investigation if you did not complete it in class. Due MONDAY Jan. 14th. I have uploaded the handout to Focus if you need it.

All Classes – Bonus Penda

I hope everyone is having a relaxing winter break! I just wanted to remind students of the optional Bonus Penda assignment that is due by Friday Jan 4th @ Midnight.

As it states on Focus the bonus is worth up to 2% bonus. There are 4 activities assigned in Penda – student “best score” must be 80% or above in all 4 activities to receive the 2% bonus.

Bonus Penda

  • Earth’s Evolution +
  • Heat Flow +
  • Scientific Theory vs Scientific Law +
  • Ms. S. Cell Theory + Homeostasis

(All Classes) Dec. 21- Winter Solstice + Gravity (Day 2)

Happy winter solstice! Not only is today the shortest day of the year, but tonight there is a full moon and a meteor shower.

Today in class we worked on the following gravity activities

  • Formation of the Solar System video
  • Gravity Tutorial (link on OneView)
  • Solar System Hands-on Modeling Investigation

(All Classes) Dec. 20 – Gravity Notes

Click below to view notes on Gravitygravity

(All Classes) Dec 17/18- Throwback lessons

Our final 2 days of testing (and short classes) we did the following review lessons – ppt notes below

Earth’s Evolution

Theories Vs. Laws



(All Students) Total Eclipse Coming Up on Jan 20th!

On Sunday Jan 20th there is a total lunar eclipse that will be visible from Jacksonville.  It’s starting a bit later in the evening, but you do not have school on Monday Jan. 21st.  

Click here for more info on this eclipse! 

(All Classes) Dec 10 Mid-Year Scrimmage Review

All students received a copy of the Mid Year Scrimmage review packet.  Students are to use the CUBE2 strategy as they work through the problems.  

This is a 50 point classwork assignment and it is due on Friday Dec. 14th (the day of the scrimmage). 

I have uploaded the CUBE2 instructions and an example to Focus.  If you need another copy of the study guide, check the documents on OneView.  

(All Classes) Dec. 5/6

Due to mid year scrimmage testing period, classes were short.  Look below for the ppt. lessons/notes. 

Comp Sci. – Earth’s Spheres Review

Phy. Sci.- Seasons, Moon Phases, Tides & Eclipses