Aug. 17th – How Science Works Flowchart

Comp Sci 3/Phy Sci-  Today students used the Asteroids & Dinosaurs article to trace the path that Dr. Alvarez took through the “How Science Works” Flowchart (see below).

Complete tracing Dr. Alvarez’ path through the flowchart.  Due at the beginning of class Monday.  


How Science Works Flowchart

Aug. 15/16 – Baseline Testing

Comp Sci 3/Phy Sci

Students in all science classes will be taking the Comp Sci 3 baseline assessment.  This test will not count as a grade, but the data will help us plan instruction throughout the year.


8/13 – Welcome to Physical Science Honors!

Welcome new Phy Sci students.  I am looking forward to another awesome year in science!

OnlineTextbook Info:

CPO Foundations of Physical Science 3rd Ed.

o Online version:

Username: MMStudent

Password: physcience201617


8/13 – Welcome to Comp Sci 3!

Welcome new Comp Sci 3 students.  I am looking forward to another awesome year in science.


(All Classes) Last day of school!

I don’t know about you, but this year has just FLOWN by. Thanks to all my awesome 8th graders for a fantastic year. Today was a ton of fun! I’m gonna miss you guys.

As Mr. Feagins said: once a Landon Lion, always a Landon Lion. Please keep in touch and don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us if you ever need anything.  Seriously!

Most importantly – HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!!! Next stop: 9th Grade! 

P.S.- if we took a photo together send it to me via email

(All Classes) Bridge to High School Bio: Macromolecules

Our final Bridge to HS Bio topic is Macromolecules.  This foldbook will be our final project grade for the year.

Macromolecules PPT Notes

Additional Macromolecules ppt

Macromolecules Flipbook Project Rubric

(All Classes) Bridge to High School Biology – Properties of Water Project

Students will have 2 class periods to complete the Properties of Water project

Properties of Water Flipbook Rubric

Resources to help: