9/22 (Comp Sci) Pure Substances/Mixtures Wrapup

Today in class we wrapped up our lesson on Pure Substances & Mixtures by making Anchor Charts.

ALL STUDENTS have received their checkpoints back and have the opportunity to make corrections.  Click here for instructions on SRE Test Corrections.

Home Learning:

9.15 PENDA Lessons due MONDAY 9/25 @ 7 AM

Review Science Project options.  Next Week we will report our decisions.

SRE Test Corrections for Pure Sub & Mixtures checkpoint (Due TUESDAY 9/26)

9.19 (PhySci) Intro to Penda, Periodic Table

Today in Physical Science we finished up our lesson on the periodic table trends and got started on a new science program called Penda.

Students can access Penda through the blended learning link on the DCPS home page.  Click here for information on how to log in to Penda. 

Home Learning: 

  • Atoms and Periodic Table Assessment Next class!¬†

  • PENDA 9.15 Wk Assignments due 7 AM on Monday 9/25¬†


9/18 (Comp Sci) Pure Substances/Mixtures + A3K

Welcome back students! I hope that everyone fared well during Hurricane Irma.  Please let me know if you had any complications that impacted your abilities in science class.

Today in class we took some guided notes and practiced identifying Pure substances & Mixtures. ¬†We also got started on our first Achieve 3000 articled titled “Got Goat’s Milk? Make Ice Cream!”¬†

Next class we will have a checkpoint on Pure Substances & Mixtures.

Home Learning: 

  1. Finish A3K Article “Got Goats Milk…” ¬†Analysis sheet due next class.¬†

  2. Review for Pure Substances & Mixtures checkpoint

  3. PENDA 9.15 Lessons are due at 7 AM MONDAY 9/25 

Sept. 9 (Phy. Sci) Science Project Options/Intro to Periodic Table

Today in class we discussed the different Science Project options that are available to 8th grade students. ¬†Don’t forget to check FOCUS to view/download the Science Project handbook that Mrs. Smith put together!

We also started to explore the Periodic Table of the Elements and see the shared properties of element groups.

Home  Learning:


9/6 (Comp. Sci) Pure Substances & Mixtures (day 1)

Essential Question: How can you differentiate between elements, compounds, heterogenous mixtures, and homogenous mixtures (solutions)? 

Today in class we introduced our Science Project Options.  Parents Рplease be on the look out next week for a letter explaining the different options.  Note: Check FOCUS for a downloadable Science Project handbook. 

Pure Substances & Mixtures Foldable РStudents also were given plenty of time in class to complete a foldable on Pure Substances & Mixtures.  I have uploaded the rubric to Focus if you need another copy.

Home Learning: 

  1. Review science project options to identify which you want to complete.

  2. Complete Pure Substance/Mixture foldable (due next class!) 

  3. PENDA- “9.1 wk assignment” (complete online, due 9/11). ¬†Click here for info on accessing PENDA at home. ¬†

Sept 5- (All classes) Open House!

I wanted to say a quick “Thanks” to all the parents that made it out to open house last night. Sorry for talking your ears off… hopefully I covered most of the important information!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

Sept. 1 (Comp Sci) PENDA/ Checkpoint Corrections

Today Comp. Sci. students got started using PENDA.

How to access Penda at home: Penda Learning Access

We also checked our Atoms and the Periodic Table checkpoints in small groups. ¬†Any student is able to earn back points on their checkpoint by completing test corrections using the “Statement-Reason-Explanation” method.

SRE for Remediation



  1. Complete 4 PENDA activities (don’t forget to fill out your PENDA document with 1st and 2nd tries)

  2. Complete SRE Test corrections (if needed)  

Aug. 31 (PhySci) Intro to Atoms

Phy Sci students began our lesson on Atoms!  We took some Cornell Notes on Atomic structure and identified the number of protons, neutrons and electrons based off of information on the periodic table.

Home Learning: 
Complete the Summary at the bottom of your Cornell Notes.  Make sure you answer the essential question!   

Aug 24 (Comp Sci) Atoms Day 2

Today we did our first “Throwback Lesson” to review a benchmark from 6th grade on Forces.

Additionally, we finished up our Modeling Atoms Practice activity.  Students were given the chance to take it home to complete it if they did not get it finished in class.  I have also uploaded it to FOCUS if you need another copy.

Home Learning: 

  • Review notes on FORCES and ATOMS.¬†

  • Complete Modeling Atoms Practice (if you did not finish in class)



8/21 (Phy Sci) Eclipse Day

Greetings Phy Sci students!  I was not here on Monday as I was chasing totality in South Carolina.

You have 2 assignments to complete:

  1. Access the online Phy Sci Textbook (www.curiosityplace.com)
    The Username and Password is on your curriculum paper

    Read pp. 3-18 and complete the Scientific Processes Handout.

  2. Read the Great American Solar Eclipse article and complete the analysis questions.  You may use a separate sheet of paper if you need.

If you were absent you can get these handouts from me in class.  I will also upload both of them to FOCUS. 

See you on WEDNESDAY for our Comp Sci. Baseline Assessment!