8/27- Penda Home Learning

Update: Looks like Penda will be down all weekend, but should be up and running on Monday.  The new deadline for this assignment is Wednesday 8/31

Good evening  — It appears that Penda has been down all day today.  I’ve already reached out to their support team to find out when the site should be accessible again.  As soon as I find out anything I’ll let everyone know!

Sorry about any inconvenience!

Accessing PendaLearning.com


Penda Learning Access

Sept. 23/24- Days, Years and Seasons (day 1)

Essential Question: How does the Earth’s Tilt affect our seasons? 

Students are working in class on a couple investigations exploring how the Earth’s 23.5° tilt causes us to experience seasons.

Next class we will finish up these Season activities and take our first checkpoint on Seasons.  Additionally we will have our first THROWBACK LESSON on the 6th grade standards Atmospheric Movement.


Sept. 19/22 Science Safety

Student Safety Agreement


Get 2 copies of the science safety agreement signed. Due next class!



Penda Learning


Aug. 15/16- First Days of School!

Whew- we made it!

Today in class we discussed classroom rules, rituals and routines.  Students received a copy of the curriculum paper to review and get signed for home learning.

2016 curriculum letter


  • Get materials for class

  • Curriculum Letter signed by parent/guardian

Welcome New Students and Parents

Hello new students and parents!

Science begins on day 1 whether it’s A day or B day. Please be prepared for class. You will need a notebook (spiral or composition) to use EVERYDAY in class! If you want to do something while you take a break from Pokemon-Go or other exciting activities you can number each and every page in your Notebook. This will be referred to as your Interactive Science Notebook (or ISN) from now on. Each page has 2 sides and like a book, each side is numbered. You will have to do it one day, so get a jump on it if you have “spare” time. It will mean less home-learning on Day 1🙂

Bring your ISN and the following supplies to class each day:

  • clear tape,
  • glue stick,
  • color pencils,
  •  highlighter,
  • ruler
  • folder with a few sheets of graph paper, lined paper, and plain white paper.
  • your thumb drive aka flash drive aka memory stick (you may use it for other classes also)
Scissors will be available in class so you won’t need them.
I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday!!!!

(All Classes) Wrapping up Grades

I am in the process of finalizing grades for the year. I want to let you know that students in ALL classes (7th and 8th grade) have been given final opportunities to recycle/recover ANY assignment from the 4th 9 weeks.

8th grade students have had 2 full classes (as well as time at home) to recycle/recover their Balancing Equations assessment.  Students who have not completed this final intervention will not have another opportunity to recover their 4th 9 weeks grade.

(8th Grade) Bonus Deadline Changed

The deadline for the bonus is CHANGED.

Remember to upload a word document to focus with all the required information. 

The new deadline is SATURDAY, June 4 @ 3pm. 

8th Grade — Balancing Equations Recovery

Students received their balancing equations assessments and have the opportunity to recycle it for partial credit.

On a separate piece of paper (for each question you  wrong):

  1. Write out the UNBALANCED Equation
  2. Show your work (running atom count)
  3. BOX the final balanced equation.

You must show your work for each question in order to get credit for the recycle.

Hint – use the “chemical reactions” gizmo to help you balance!