This week I am updating the scores for the 5.12 Penda assignment (due 5/21 — 200 points).  Yes, there is an assignment due on 5/27, but I am counting it as a BONUS POINT OPPORTUNITY. 

IF you have BOTH the 5.12 AND 5.19 assignments completed AND reported in class this week (A Day by Thursday/B Day by Friday) I will combine the two grades into one. Meaning: you can possibly score a 400/200 on the assignment.  

If you don’t get them reported by the end of the week (or don’t need the points) than the normal score will be posted in Focus.

Balancing Chemical Equations Help

Next week we will be taking out Balancing Chemical Equations quiz (Monday for B day, Tuesday for A day).  Here are some more resources to help you.  If you need another copy of the two balancing equations assignments they’re uploaded to Focus.

Balancing Practice

The Day the Mesozoic Died film links


In a perfect world I’d like you to watch the interactive video (it has some quiz questions attached). It may take a minute to buffer. 

Interactive Video Link 

Worst case scenario you can watch it on YouTube: 

Reminders for the week of May 15th

We just spent several days where you developed, revised, and wrote a lab report about the on-line lab. A Day must have theirs finalized on Monday. Bday on Tuesday.

You just go to to enter the book. Remember, you already activated it.

We will continue our intro to balancing equations on Monday/Tuesday.  You will finish your practice activities in class.  There will be an exit ticket where you balance a few equations. If you don’t understand, be prepared to ask questions.  Remember to show all of your work.

Yes, I know that the college trip is next week and some of you will be on the trip. No worries. Remember, science is everywhere so enjoy the museum trips.

The rest of us will be in class. We are going to go deeper into some topics. I will have graded assignments for students who are not on the trip. If you are absent then you have make-up work to do. Stay well and come to class.

Week of May 8th

Bridge to Highschool continues with a deeper look at Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration.

Students designed and carried out their own virtual investigation of Carbon Transfer through Snails and Elodia.  The virtual lab sheet can be found in OneNote or uploaded to Focus.

This is a 100 point investigation/project grade and will be graded on the following:

  • 90-100: Complete, accurate and Scientifically sound (1 independent variable identified/tested, control variables identified, procedures can be replicated by another person, proper data collection/analysis).  Contains no spelling or grammar errors and is uploaded to Focus or OneNote.
  • 80-89: Complete, accurate and Scientifically sound & has simple errors.
  • 70-79: Complete, but not Scientifically sound.  Contains multiple errors.
  • 60-69: Incomplete and not Scientifically sound.

Week of May 1


Almost all of you took the SSA this week. I hope your scores reflect the amount of effort that you have been putting in to get ready for this test. Now that it is behind us, it’s time to look forward to BIOLOGY !!!

We started our first unit by reviewing Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration; but, we went deeper than earlier this year. Catch up if you missed class by going to FOCUS and downloading the worksheet where you compare the two concepts AFTER you watch the videos by the Amoeba Sisters.

Tomorrow’s the big day!

Ok, just breathe…

First off you’re ALL going to do great!  I’m incredibly proud of all the awesome growth that we have made this year.

Take your time – read each question CAREFULLY.  You can write on the test !!!! Use the strategies we’ve been practicing all year long (CUBE2 anyone?!?!)

Get a good night’s sleep and get ready to rock in the AM.  YOU GOT THIS!


April 21 Update – SSA Reviews, Benchmark Assessments/Recycle

  • All students should have taken all three benchmark review assessments (2A will finish the Life Science Assessment on Monday) — these grades are in FOCUS.  B DAY CLASSES have received their tests to recycle. (Note: Testing holding is a FANTASTIC time to work on test corrections!)
  • I have completed SSA Review check #2 for B day (A day will be checked on MONDAY).
    • These grades are updated in FOCUS. Parents, if the grades are NOT improving for your student please have a conversation with them about time management.  We have been working every day in class on these OneNote review activities since the beginning of the 9 weeks (April 3rd).

      I will have one final check in for classes on April 26/April 27th when ALL review activities must be complete!

    • OneNote reviews can be accessed at home: 

Go to  and choose your science class.  Click “Open class notebook” and choose “Edit in OneNote.”  OneNote is a free program to download for windows, mac and tablets.

New 4th Quarter Bonus – 4/22 Earth Day

Saturday April 22nd is Earth Day, so we wanted to offer a second bonus opportunity for the 4th quarter.  This is worth up to 2 bonus points on your grade.  Note: no double bonuses – only 1 bonus will count per student!

If you take part in a local Earth Day Celebration or just do something to help the Earth (plant trees, pick up trash along the beach, etc).

You can:

  • Take pictures!
  • Write a summary of what you did, saw, learned etc.  Connect it to something we learned about in class (earth’s spheres, carbon cycle, etc)
  • Submit a printed copy of your photo and written connection analysis

Due April 24/25

Possible ideas:

Jacksonville Landing Earth Day Celebration 

Quick grade update

In class today B day students had their first check-in for their SSA Review activities.  A day students will report progress tomorrow.

Note: if these classwork SSA Benchmark Review assignments are NOT increasing that means students are not using their time wisely. We will have 2 more progress check-ins before April 27th when ALL review activities must be complete.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!