(Phy Sci) Sept. 17/18/19 – Interpreting Chemical Formulas

This week Phy Sci students are learning about how elements form compounds.  Below are the ppt notes from Monday-Wednesday.

Practice activities and HomeLearning has been updated on Focus.

Monday 9/17 Tuesday 9/18 Notes
This topic took a little more time than I anticipated, so we took 2 days on it.

Lewis dots and bonding snip

Wednesday 9/19 Notes

writing and naming compounds

(Comp Sci) 9/17- Acids, Bases and Salts Notes

Comp Sci Students learned about the properties and common examples of Acids, Bases & Salts.

Homelearning info has been added and uploaded to Focus.

Acids, Bases & Salts Notes

abs notes snip


(All Classes) Pure Substances + Mixtures Practice

Click the image below for a tutorial on Pure Substances (Elements/Compounds) and Mixtures (Heterogeneous/Homogeneous)
compounds and mixtures

Sept 10 (All Classes) – Pure Substances + Mixtures

Students in both Comp Sci 3 & Phy Science learned about Pure Substances and Mixtures.  Class notes are below.

PS MIX snip
Pure Substances and Mixtures Notes

Sept. 6/7 (Comp Sci) A3K + Baseline Data

Students in Comp Sci completed our first Achieve 3000 article for science (“Scientists Needed”) — These grades will be added to Focus shortly.

I have been able to discuss our Baseline Assessment data with about half of my Comp Sci 3 students.  We will continue these data chats next week.

The following assignment grades have been updated in Focus

  • Learnsmart: Atoms
  • Learnsmart: Periodic Table
  • Atoms & the Periodic Table Checkpoint



Sept. 5-7 (Phy Sci) Lewis Dot Structures/Periodic Table Stations

This week Physical Science students completed a series of Periodic Table station activities.  I will be checking for the following activities completed in your ISN next week:

  • 15.1 Periodic Table Practice
  • Periodic Table Groups and Families

Atomic Structure & Periodic Table checkpoints are updated on Focus 🙂

Notes for Lewis Dot Diagrams are below:

Lewis Snip

Lewis Dot Notes

(ALL CLASSES) Textbook question

Please double check to see if you have a copy of the Comprehensive Science Course 3 textbook.

I am going to take a count on Wednesday 9/5 to see who still needs the book 🙂

Sept 4 (Phy Sci)- Periodic Table Intro

Students in Physical Science learned about the Periodic Table of the Elements.

Periodic Table Notes

periodic table

Video: The Genius of the Periodic Table

Sept. 4 Comp Sci – Atoms Wrapup

Our first Test covering Atoms & the Periodic Table is Wednesday!  Today we wrapped up our lessons on Atoms & the Periodic Table.

  • I worked with small groups to review and make corrections to Friday’s Atoms/Periodic Table Quiz.
  • Other students worked together to create anchor charts about Atoms & the Periodic Table.

(Phy Sci) 8/29- Atomic Structure/Science Projects

We discussed science projects again today.  I am holding off on sending paperwork home until after the Science Fair Coordinator Meeting on Sept. 11.

Useful Science project links to help you brainstorm:

The notes from Monday/Tuesday are below:

atoms snip

electron arrangement snip