(All Classes) May 28- Properties of Water Project due WEDNESDAY

Friendly reminder to students that their final “Properties of Water” booklet is due in class WED. 5/29. This is a 100 point ASSESSMENT grade.

  • If you misplaced the rubric check the assignment on FOCUS.
  • Properties of Water notes are uploaded to the class OneView page. Just scroll to the bottom of the page (“Class Documents”
  • I have also uploaded another properties of water powerpoint with more info here.

(All Classes) May 20/21- Properties of Water Lab

Monday and Tuesday in class students worked through a series of Water Station labs. Don’t forget to complete the Water Lab Analysis questions on a separate sheet of paper. Check FOCUS if you need another copy of the analysis questions.

Lab Analysis due Wednesday 5/22.

(All Classes) May 15/16- Bridge to Highschool: Properties of Water

Thursday and Friday in class we started our first Bridge to HS Biology lesson. Students took notes on the Properties of Water — if you need to see the .ppt I have uploaded it to OneView (under “Class Documents”).

Students also got the “Properties of Water” worksheet. This is due the next time you are in class. Check Focus if you need another copy of the handout.

May 14/15 (Comp Sci) Recycle/Retest opportunity

All students in Comp Sci classes had the opportunity in class today to do test corrections for the Earth, Life and Physical Science review quizzes. After completing test corrections they will be eligible to retest to replace their original score.

Students will be able to retest in class on Wednesday May 15th.

(Phy Sci) Phy Sci Review Resources

Greetings Phy Sci students! I have linked some more resources to help you review for the Physical Science EOC.

Phy Sci Anchor Charts (made by former students)

Powerpoints (and more)

(Phy Sci) Gas Laws/Ohms Law

(Comp Sci) OneNote Check #2

In class today I did my second OneNote check and grade update. If students were working efficiently they should almost be done with all of their review activities — in fact, I have several students who have completed all of them.

Next week I will be discussing a Bonus opportunity that students can begin to work on.

(Phy Sci) Checkpoint Tuesday

Don’t forget we have a quiz on Tuesday covering Newton’s Laws, Potential/ Kinetic Energy and Energy Transformations. (Yes, you will be given a formula sheet)

(Phy Sci) April 15- Gravitational Force Gizmo

Today in class you will be completing the Gravitational Force Gizmo. You need to log in to http://www.explorelearning.com with the username/password we set up on Friday.

Exploration guides due at the end of class.

(Comp Sci) April 15- Earth/Space Science Reviews

This Thursday we have our Earth & Space Science benchmark assessment, so I would suggest you focus on those benchmarks next in your OneNote reviews.

Remember to update the “Date Completed” column on your data tracking sheets when you completed your assignments.