(All Classes) Oct. 11- Gizmo Virtual Labs

Gizmos Website

All students were working on virtual lab investigations in class today. If you did not turn in your exploration guides, please complete them and be prepared to turn them in next class. Remember: you must complete the entire exploration guide in order to receive credit.

Biology: Paramecium Homeostasis Gizmo
Comp Sci 3: Element Builder Gizmo

Don’t forget that the Extra Credit is due on Monday.

(Comp Sci 3) Oct. 10 HomeLearning

Comp Sci students need to read and complete the questions in their textbook pg. 330-340. We may have time in class on Friday to work on this as well.

(Comp Sci 3) Oct. 8th – Atoms Foldable

Today in class students made a foldable to show their understanding of subatomic particles. If you did not complete this in class, please bring it completed tomorrow:

  • On the top inside flap draw a structure of an atom and show the location and charge of the particle
  • On the bottom write notes including Charge, Location and MASS of each particle.
Diagram + Location and Charge Diagram + Location and Charge Diagram + Location and Charge

(Bio) Oct. 7th – Cell Analogy (Update)

Students began a Cell Analogy activity in class today. This is due Tuesday at the beginning of class WEDNESDAY, and we may have some time in class Tuesday to work on it

(All Classes) Science Project Updates

Science projects for ALL students are due Monday Dec. 2nd. You must have your powerpoint uploaded to Focus and be ready to present on the due date!!

Competition Projects– Make sure you set up your accounts on NEFRSEF and begin your paperwork ASAP. Please let me know if you have any issues getting your account set up.

(Comp Sci 3) Oct. 4- Physical + Chemical Change Stations

Today in class Comp Sci 3 students worked through a series of Physical + Chemical change station activities which were turned in at the end of class.

Home Learning:

  1. Finish Chemical Change lab analysis questions from Wed. 10/2. Due no later than MONDAY.
  2. Study for a quiz on Monday over Energy Transformations and Physical v. Chemical changes.
  3. Penda is always due on Sunday
  4. Work on your Science Project!

(All Classes) Oct. 3rd- Guest Teacher

Julia E. Landon- the E stands for finish the ENTIRE article analysis sheet to get credit

Greetings students! I am out today at a science meeting, but you are in excellent hands with our guest teacher.


  1. Achieve 3000- “Building a New Heart” article. Complete analysis sheet and turn in.
  2. Work on Penda

Comp Sci 3

  1. Achieve 3000- “A New Use for Old Clothes” article. Complete analysis sheet and turn in.
  2. Finish Lab analysis questions (from Wed)
  3. Work on Penda

(All Classes) COMPETITION science projects

All students who are doing a COMPETITION science project need to set up a user account on NEFRSEF and begin your necessary paperwork.

  1. Go to https://www.nefrsef.org/ph/login.php and choose “New User”
  2. Use your DCPS student email for your email address – this way I can help you troubleshoot in case you have issues.
  3. Begin your paperwork for your project.

(Comp Sci) Physical Properties Review

I have released a Quizizz review to help students study for your Physical Properties of Matter test Friday

https://join.quizizz.com Game Code: 118097

(Bio) Biochem Review Quizizz

We have put together a quizizz review game to help students review for their Biochem Exam on Friday.

game code: 414363