(All Students) Total Eclipse Coming Up on Jan 20th!

On Sunday Jan 20th there is a total lunar eclipse that will be visible from Jacksonville.  It’s starting a bit later in the evening, but you do not have school on Monday Jan. 21st.  

Click here for more info on this eclipse! 

(All Classes) Dec. 5/6

Due to mid year scrimmage testing period, classes were short.  Look below for the ppt. lessons/notes. 

Comp Sci. – Earth’s Spheres Review

Phy. Sci.- Seasons, Moon Phases, Tides & Eclipses

(Comp Sci 3) Dec. 3/4- Tides

Tides Notes

Click to download Tides notes

Bay of Fundy

(Phy Sci) Nov 30 – Acids/Bases Notes

Acid/Bases Notes 

Click to access Notes

(Comp Sci 3) Nov. 29th- Moon Phase Notes

Moon Phase Notes

Moon Phase Notes

Neat Science Article

This is my FAVORITE science article that I’ve read lately

(All Classes) Uploading your powerpoint to Focus

Remember- you need to upload your project PowerPoint to Focus. Please don’t email me your projects! 

Good news everyone!

False alarm- Don’t worry about changing the file format of your PowerPoint. After trying it on a different computer I was able to open .pptx files so just upload normally. I’ll let you know individually if there’s an issue. Thanks!

(All Classes) Nov. 20- Updates/Thanksgiving Break info

General housekeeping before we leave for the long Thanksgiving break:

  • All students received a print out of their grades in class.  Students scoring less than a C received a scholarship warning.  Scholarship warnings must be signed and returned after break. 
  • Science Projects are due Monday 11/26 when you come back from Thanksgiving. Projects must be uploaded to Focus before class.  You must upload your project even if you are absent that day.
  • You DO NOT have Penda due Sun. 11/25. I have uploaded the next assignment (Earth, Sun, Moon) if you want to get ahead over break.  ESM Penda is due Sunday Dec. 2nd at Midnight. 
  • Comp Sci students who did not take part in the test correction carousel received instructions on completing a Life Science test recycle.  Due 11.27!   

(All Classes) Nov. 19/20th – Science Fair Documentary Screening

In class we had the opportunity to screen the new documentary Science Fair!  Science Fair is an inspiring look at some of the brightest young minds in STEM.

Students are to complete a reflection on the film for a quiz grade.

Documentary Reflection Form

4 X 6 Postcard.jpg

(Phy Sci) Classifying Reactions Practice Answer Key

classifying reactions practice

(All Classes) Nov 14- Atmospheric Movement Notes

atmospheric movement