(Phy Sci) Feb 15/16 Newton’s Laws of Motion


In class, students took notes on Newton’s laws, worked on some 2nd law practice problems and created a poster/comic strip to illustrate one (or more) laws.

Newton’s Laws notes


(Comp Sci) Feb. 14- Historical Models of the Solar System

Essential Question: What evidence was necessary for people to accept the heliocentric model of the solar system?

Galileo Sun-Centered System Video

In class students learned about how our view of the solar system went from geocentric (earth-centered) to heliocentric (sun-centered).  Students worked collaboratively on an activity to compare both historical models of the solar system. If you did not complete the Geocentric/Heliocentric activity, please make sure it is done before you come into next class. 

Test Next Class on the Solar System — Terrestrial, Gas Giants, Small Bodies, Historical Models.


Study Guide Due Next Class

(Phy Sci) Feb 12/13- Forces Review Stations

Types of Forces Notes

Check focus for the Forces Station assignments we were working on in class.

Feb 12 (Comp Sci) Small Bodies in SS

Students who currently have below a C received a scholarship warning to be signed and returned next class.  

Today in class we took notes on Small Bodies in the SS.

Small Bodies in SS Notes

We also worked on comparing/contrasting the items found in the Solar System. I have uploaded it to Focus if you need to print out another copy.

Part 1 & 2 should have been completed in class (classwork grade).  Part 3 (on the back) is a homelearning grade.

Due next class.

(All Classes) Grades Update

Progress report grades are locked for all of my classes.  I have updated grades and entered zeros for assignments that I do not have record of.  If you believe there is an error, we can double-check the “no-name” basket. If you are not happy with your grade, please make sure you are completing (and submitting) all of your assignments.  

As of now the only things that I do not have entered into Focus are recent PENDA assignments.  I plan to get those updated by the end of the day Monday.

(Phy Sci) Motion Test Retake

Scores on the Motion unit test were lower than anticipated.  I have put together a Motion test retake that will be available for students who would like the opportunity to improve on their score.



(Comp. Sci) Feb 2/6 – Terrestrial + Gas Giant Notes


Gas Giant Notes

(Phy Sci) Jan 30/31- Motion Test

Physical Science students took our test on Motion in class.

We will discuss and debrief the test on Thursday/Friday — if you feel like you struggled, take some time to review your notes and activities on speed, velocity & acceleration.

(Comp Sci) Jan 23- Eclipses + Review activities


Today in class we learned about eclipses.

We worked on a series of activities to review & reinforce our lessons on the Earth/Moon/Sun system.  We will finalize these activities in class on Thursday.

  • Tides/Eclipses Guided Notes
  • Seasons/Moon Phase Review
  • Moon Phase Gizmo

(Phy Sci) Jan 23- Physics Labs update

Phy Sci students have been working on motion labs all week.  Next class we will finalize and debrief our lab activities.

We will have an assessment covering speed, velocity, acceleration early next week.