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Sept. 28/29 – Unit 1 Test Debrief/Images from Space

Unit 1 Test Debrief:
All students present in class received their Unit 1 test papers. We debriefed the test.Any student who chooses to do so may complete test corrections for partial credit (2 points per question).  Please see the Recycle/Test Corrections post for the format.  You do not have to print out the documents — students can complete the test corrections on lined paper.

A day corrections are due on Tuesday, 10/4
B day corrections are due on Wednesday, 10/5

Images from Space:
Fusion pp 240-252.  Read and answer questions in text.  Due next class.  


Sept. 26/27- Historical Models of the Solar System

Essential Question: What evidence was necessary for people to accept the heliocentric model of the solar system?

Galileo Sun-Centered System Video

In class students learned about how our view of the solar system went from geocentric (earth-centered) to heliocentric (sun-centered).  Students worked collaboratively on an activity to compare both historical models of the solar system. I will collect this activity at the beginning of next class.

Interactive Solar System Simulation

Click the image below to launch Solar System Scope to view interactive geocentric and heliocentric models for yourself!

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 3.35.55 PM

If you did not complete the Geocentric/Heliocentric activity, please make sure it is done before you come into next class.  

9/25 Quick Update- Grades, late work and more

  • Unit 1: Earth/Sun Moon System- We have just finished up with our first unit in science and students have taken their summative assessment — these grades are updated in Focus.
    • Students who have scored below a 70% will have the opportunity to complete test corrections to bring this assessment grade up to a 70%. Please see my Recycle/Test Corrections post for instructions.  Note, students must complete all 4 steps for each question they got wrong and they may receive it back for revisions before they get credit.
    • Once all of my students have taken the test I will pass them back out for corrections (Likely on Wed/Thursday of this week)
  • Re: Late Work-  I have been fairly flexible up to this point regarding missing/late work and allowing students to submit it for partial credit.  However, the time has come for this to end.  Late classwork/home learning will no longer be accepted for credit in my class.  Please refer back to the Curriculum Letter to review the grade-level policy on late work.
    • Note: absent students are still responsible for the assignments that they have missed.  Pease do not forget to get your missing assignments from the file in the back of the classroom!
  • Tutoring – Mrs. Smith and I are still holding joint tutoring in room 309 (Mrs. Smith’s classroom) for students on non-early dismissal Wednesdays from 3:3:30.  Students must have a ride home at 3:30 or permission to walk to the library.  I may occasionally be available by appointment in the morning before school (approximately 7:30 AM). Please email me at least one day before if you would like to come to check availability.
  • Science Projects: Students should have already submitted their signed science project letters indicating which option they have chosen.  If you need another copy, please download it from Focus.


Gravity and Force Simulation

Click the image below to launch the Gravity Force Simulation that you will be exploring in class today.


Reminder: Earth/Sun/Moon System Test this week!!!

Just wanted to pop up a quick reminder about our Earth/Sun/Moon system test this week in class (A Tues/B Wed).  If you haven’t already, feel free to check out the Class Resources link at the top of the blog.  Remember, the password is the SAME one that students have for History class. 

If you need another copy of the study guide you can download it from the Class Resources page OR from Focus!

Seasons + Moon Phase Simulators

Check out these different simulations on Seasons and Moon Phases.  Might be a good way to help study for your test…




Sept. 14/15- Eclipses

Essential Question: How are the Earth, Sun & Moon arranged during a solar and lunar eclipse?  

Today in class we talked all about Eclipses! Students had a choice of activities to complete to show their understanding of Eclipses.

  • Solar/Lunar Eclipse Foldable
  • Eclipse Gizmo (Exploration Guide + Assessment Questions)

This activity should have been completed IN CLASS and turned in to the basket.


Sept. 12/13 Earth’s Spheres Throwback /Tides (Day 3)

Today we had our second Throwback Lesson on Earth’s Spheres — students reviewed how the atmosphere, geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and cryosphere work together to affect weather and climate.

Then we broke up into some small groups for differentiation activities based upon student needs:

  • Seasons Review – Summer and Winter Gizmo
  • Moon Phases Review – Moon Phases Gizmo
  • Anchor Chart – Design a poster to teach about seasons, moon phases or tides.

Next class we will begin with Checkpoint #2 so students should take some time to review their info on seasons, moon phases, and tides.

I have added a new link at the top of my blog called “Class Resources” where you can find the review ppt slides from class.  It’s password protected, but it’s the same password that Mr. Petrick and Ms. Lively use.

Sept. 12 -Quick Grades Update

Grades for the following assignments have been updated in Focus for all classes:

  • Achieve 3000: Cold, Cold Moon
  • Penda- “Sun, Earth, Moon System”
  • Penda – “Earth, Driven by the Sun”

Additionally, A-Day students should have scores for their “Ocean Tides” Gizmo.  I am collecting this from B-Day tomorrow.