Whirly-Gig investigation

After completing the activity in class you will prepare a formal Lab Report based on the data for the Control Group and the Test group.

Lab Reports will include
Testable Question;
Identification of Test Variable, Outcome Variable, and Controlled Variables;
Results which include a complete, neat, data table of data and means and an analysis of the data (is there a 10% difference in the means);
Conclusion- Do the results support the hypothesis? Explain why or why not?

4th 9 Weeks Changes

At this point ALL of the standards that will be on the SSA have been covered in class (between 6th,7th, and 8th grade).  Students have identified how they have scored on each of these benchmarks as of the Mock SSA test we took before spring break — this is your guide as to what you need to review between now and the SSA on May 2nd.

There are going to be a few changes coming in the 4th 9 weeks as we transition to a more Data-Driven, Student centered classroom:

  • PENDA home learning will still continue, but there will be one large weekly grade (approximately 400/500 points usually) instead of individual assignment scores.  Remember: Penda is assigned on FRIDAY and is due 10 days later on a Monday.
  • Students should come prepared with their ISN, pen/pencils, and their Fusion Textbook daily.  We will now need to make sure we have headphones/earbuds as well.
  • We will be reviewing some benchmarks full group, in small groups or individually — students are expected to be aware of what they need to review.

We are incorporating a new program called OneNote into the classroom. Students now have access to an online digital notebook where they can take notes, complete assignments, and more.

This notebook is accessible 24/7 if you go through oneview.duvalschools.org.  Everything saves automatically — no more lost assignments!

More information will be posted here over the next few days.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions.


3rd 9 weeks grades are finalized

Third quarter grades are done!

If you are not happy with your final grade please remember all of the safety nets I offered in class: I extended deadlines for several assignments,  I offered test recycles, re-tests, an amnesty assignment, and a 2% bonus opportunity.

Remember- if you completed the bonus activity you need to mentally add 2% to your posted grade (it gets added when grades are posted). 

I hope everyone has an enjoyable (and safe) spring break! 

Mock SSA Data Reflection

After you have analyzed your data, please fill in the following form:

Mock SSA Data Reflections

We are getting our data back from the Mock SSA!  Parents should be on the lookout for a “SSA DATA Parent Progress Report” that lists all the benchmarks that students have Mastered and need to review between now and the SSA (Statewide Science Assessment)

Over the next several weeks we will be using these results to drive our instruction between now and the state test in May!



Important Upcoming Dates

Re-Test for various assessments on 3/13

A re-test for Mixtures, Acid/Bases, and pH will be given after school on March 13.
A re-test for Atomic Theory and Periodic Table will also be given after school on March 13.

Anyone who scored a D or F on either or both of the tests may re-take the test(s) and attempt to raise the grade for either or both tests. The best re-test grade possible is a C.

There will be no other date available for a re-test.

Last chance for a few assignments

As I said in class, here is your last chance to turn in a few assignments.  Must be turned in by March 1/2 for all classes.

Also, this is another friendly reminder that PENDA home learning must be completed by 7AM on the Monday it is due.  Remember – New PENDA assignments are ALWAYS added on Fridays and are due 10 days later (on Monday) by 7AM.  Make sure you have your assignments completed by Sunday Night so you get credit! 

Friends of Landon Fundraiser

Friends of Landon will be conducting a fundraising campaign Feb 27 – Mar 3 to transform the current media center into a 21-century collaborative Learning Commons. The fundraising goal is $12,000.

Friends of Landon will be accepting cash and checks on campus and online through the FOL website (https://www.friendsoflandon.org/).

Bonus Opportunity-3rd quarter (pick 1)

You have a couple of options for earning up to 2 bonus points for the third 9 week grading period. Choose one of the following. Any bonus activity is due on or before March 10!

  • Create another anchor chart. Anchor Chart directions are previously posted on this blog and the topics are posted on Focus for the 2nd nine weeks.
  • Watch the video “Treasures of the Earth: Metals (lik below) It is very interesting look at important metals. Develop a free form map or other visual to explain why metals have made such a difference to mankind. Be sure to include gold and illustrate why it is so very special, why it doesn’t bond well with other elements, why it doesn’t “rust”, and where it came from along with other interesting facts and factoids. The map should be drawn on white paper or computer generated. It should be colorful, organized, and should have no spelling errors.
  • http://www.pbs.org/video/2365886855/