(All Classes) 3/25 Documents

Biology students

Comp Sci 3 students

(Comp Sci) 3/24 Stars Ppt.

(Bio) March 5- Evolution & Classification Study Guide

(Bio) March 4- Make your own Cladogram/Study Guide

Bio students are going to have a quiz on Friday. Click here for the study guide.

(Comp Sci) March 3- Classifying Stars

Objective: Describe and classify common stars by examining their characteristics, such as apparent magnitude, absolute brightness, temperature, color, and solar radius. 

On Friday we will have an assessment covering Stars/Sun/Solar System.

(Comp Sci) Feb 28-March 2- Sun OnePager

(Comp Sci) Feb 27- Sunspot Investigation

(Bio) Feb 27- Cladistics/Taxonomy

(Comp Sci) Feb 26- Sun Video + Worksheet

Solar Wind’s Effect on Earth Video https://florida.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/ess05.sci.ess.eiu.solarwind/solar-winds-effect-on-earth/support-materials/#.XlaGjc5Kg2w

(Bio) Feb 26- Origins of Life Notes