(All Classes) Feb 7- CPALMS “Stop the Zombie Virus” tutorial

Greetings students! Unfortunately, I am out today at a district science meeting.

Check OneView and work through the “Stop the Zombie Virus” tutorial as you complete the handout. This needs to be turned in during class.

(All Classes) Feb 1- Properties of the Sun Notes

(All Classes) Jan 30

Greetings students! Unfortunately, I had to attend a district science workshop today and had to be out. We will finish our Mid-Year Scrimmage Review activities on Thursday.

You have the following assignments:

  1. Achieve 3000- “Goodbye Sunspots.” Read the article and complete the provided A3K Analysis sheet. Remember to complete all parts of the document to receive credit (including specific evidence). Due in class today.
  2. You may work on your Penda assignments that are due Sunday.

(All Classes) Jan 23- Small Bodies in Solar System

(All Classes) Jan 22- Gas Giant Notes

Extra Credit Update

Greetings! I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend.

I’ve gotten a few emails from people who weren’t able to open the Extra Credit assignment on Focus. I have re-uploaded the documents as .pdf files so there shouldn’t be a problem.

Don’t forget there’s a total lunar eclipse tonight!



(All Classes) 1/17- A3K, Test Corrections & Comparing Terrestrial Planets

Today in class I worked with a small group of students on test corrections on last week’s Gravity/EM Spectrum checkpoint.

Students worked on the following activities:

  • A3K (Student choice of Article + Complete Analysis Sheet)
    • Meeting Mercury
    • Venus? Maybe Later
    • Greetings from Mars
  • Comparing/Contrasting Terrestrial Planets (Due Friday). Use your notes on this!
    • Handout uploaded to Focus

Home Learning

  1. Comparing/Contrasting Terrestrial Planets
  2. Penda Due Sunday @ Midnight
  3. Extra Credit Opportunity due Wed 1/23

(All Classes) Terrestrial Planet Notes

Terrestrial Planet Notes

(All Classes) Jan 8-11 Gravity + EM Spectrum

Welcome back students! This week we continued our lesson on Gravity and reviewed the EM Spectrum. Students completed a number of EMS station activities in class.

Home Learning:

My Solar System Gravity Investigation if you did not complete it in class. Due MONDAY Jan. 14th. I have uploaded the handout to Focus if you need it.

All Classes – Bonus Penda

I hope everyone is having a relaxing winter break! I just wanted to remind students of the optional Bonus Penda assignment that is due by Friday Jan 4th @ Midnight.

As it states on Focus the bonus is worth up to 2% bonus. There are 4 activities assigned in Penda – student “best score” must be 80% or above in all 4 activities to receive the 2% bonus.

Bonus Penda

  • Earth’s Evolution +
  • Heat Flow +
  • Scientific Theory vs Scientific Law +
  • Ms. S. Cell Theory + Homeostasis