(Phy Sci) Jan. 18 B Day

Unfortunately, I have to be out today so B Day students won’t be able to complete their physics labs like we originally planned.

You Do:

  • 4.2/4.3 Guided Reading Activities (CPO Textbook)
  • Acceleration practice problems –SHOW YOUR WORK 

All of these activities should be done in class.

Home Learning: 

PENDA (due Sunday)
Exploravision/eCybermission (see individual due dates) 

(Comp Sci) Jan 17- Moon Phases

Took notes on Moon Phases and students created a Moon Phase Calendar.

Moon Phase NOTES

Moon Phase Calendar:

  1. Pick a month
  2. Set up a calendar for the month you chose and label the days and dates
  3. For each day, sketch an image of the visible portion of the moon (must be realistic use http://www.moonconnection.com/moon_phases_calendar.phtml or other similar source).
  4. Under each “moon” label the phase (waxing gibbous, waning crescent, full moon etc)

(Comp. Sci) Jan 15 – Atmosphere Review/Days, Years, Seasons

Students worked through a review lesson on Atmospheric movement.  We also worked on a Gizmo called “Seasons: Why do we have them?”

http://www.explorelearning.com Username/password: landonsci/landonsci

Students were given the opportunity to take the gizmo home if they needed additional time. Due next class.


  1. Seasons gizmo (next class) 

  2. PENDA (due Sunday) 

  3. Exploravision/eCybermission group projects (See due dates) 

(Phy Sci) Physics! Speed & Velocity

Students in Physical Science classes have started our physics unit.  We will be working on lab activities over the next few classes

Position, Speed, Velocity, Acceleration and Freefall Notes


(Comp Sci) Jan 10 – Days, Years and Seasons (day 1)

Comp Sci. students are working in class to investigate how the tilt of the earth causes seasons.

Tilt and Seasons notes




Home Learning:

(All Classes) Penda Resumes

Penda assignments now resume. The next Penda assignment is due Sunday 01/14/2018. Please remember to complete ALL assignments for the week and you can attempt the assignments multiple times. Your best score will be recorded.

(Comp Sci) Life Science Quiz + Recycle Info

Today in class students took their life science quiz.  They were also given time in class to complete an A3K article titled “Water These Plants? Maybe Not.”  I will pull a report from Penda on FRIDAY 12/22 to get this score if students did not finish in class.

If students wish to recycle this quiz grade they can complete Test Corrections and upload it on FOCUS by FRIDAY 12/22.  I will NOT be accepting test corrections after this time.

Happy Holidays!

(All Classes) Penda & Winter Break

As I mentioned in class- the Penda assignments due 12/25 and 1/8/18 WILL NOT be graded.

(Comp Sci) Dec. 18- Study Guide/Quiz next class

Today in class students wrapped up our lesson on Life Science with a game on the Carbon Cycle. They also received a study guide and time to work on it in class.

Life Sci +Organelles Study Guide

Our quiz next class covers the following topics:

If you need the guided notes handouts see below:

Dec. 15/Dec. 18 (Phy Sci) Carbon Cycle

Physical Science students took notes on the Carbon Cycle and played a couple of games in class.

Students were given time in class to work on their A3K article “Water These Plants? Maybe Not” –see FOCUS for specific due date.

Remember, Wednesday is the END of  the 2nd 9 weeks!

Click here to play Online Carbon Cycle Games